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March Classes, Workshops, and Events

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Greetings dancers and friends! I'm getting ready to go to Vegas and be part of the final Mega Massive event. It's been an incredible journey preparing and training to be part of the cast of Jillina Carlano's BDEx production of Alice in Wonderland. I just can't wait to perform and jump down that rabbit hole on March 17th!

By popular request, Tuesday classes will be moved to Wednesday evenings after I return the week of March 19th. I'm starting a new yoga series launching Thursday, March 23rd titled Foundations of Yoga Flow. Additionally, we are super excited to welcome Anela back for another amazing sword workshop on March 25th!!!!

Update on our mask policy. Starting in March, masks will be optional at the studio. We will request, but not require masks when community is at medium covid spread and will be updating our policy in accordance with the CDC. If you are feeling sick, please contact me and I will go over options to make up any missed classes.

Lastly, we will be having a 4 Year Anniversary Party on April 1st! That's no joke ;-)! I am grateful to you and all your support. Keep your eyes open for details!

Thanks so much! -Sahra

Check out our March class schedule!

To purchase a drop-in for any class, click this button!

Sunday Classes

Fusion Belly Dance Fundamentals Sundays, March 26 - April 30, 2023 (no class Easter Sunday - April 9th) 12:30PM-1:30PM

$75 Session/$20 Drop-in

Always wanted to try belly dance? In this series learn belly dance from the ground up. Specifically designed for beginners, you’ll learn the fundamentals of this rich dance form. This session focuses on the the fundamental steps common in most fusion belly dance formats, isolations, shimmies, and how to play finger cymbals! This class starts with a cardio warm-up and stretching cool down. Drop-ins welcome. No refunds unless class is canceled by instructor.

Wednesday Classes

March 22 - April 25, 2023

$90 for 1 session/$170 for 2 sessions

$20 drop-in

Belly Dance Basics - 7:00-7:55PM

Join in on the fun and belly dance with us! Learn the fundamentals of classic belly dance style while enjoying an engaging movement experience. Each class you will be introduced to basic isolations, steps, and short combinations. Discussion of history and styles of belly dance will be referenced. This class is perfect for beginners or those wishing to refine their technique. Class starts with a cardio warm-up and ends with a yoga cool down. Wear comfortable clothes such as yoga pants and a t-shirt and bring a water bottle. No refunds unless session is canceled by instructor. Opportunities to make up missed classes will be available! Cash, check, or PayPal accepted.

Beyond Belly Dance Basics: 8:00-8:55PM

Moving beyond the basics, this session integrates steps, combinations, and belly dance props! You'll also be introduced to rhythms commonly used in belly dance. Have fun learning engaging and joyful dance combinations. This class is perfect for adventurous beginners as well as intermediate students. No refunds unless class is canceled by instructor.

Thursday Classes

Advanced/Intermediate Shimmies and Spins

March 9th, 23rd, and 30th

6:30PM -7:30PM

$55 for series/$20 drop-in

Let's master those shimmies and spins! In this series you'll learn complex shimmies such as the wave step shimmy (with arms and a turn), layering isolations with shimmies, and traveling shimmies. We'll also work on barrel turns, paddle turns, and consistent spotting. 2 Years progressive belly dance experience is recommended for this series. You may drop-in or purchase the full 3 week session. No refunds unless class is canceled by instructor.

Foundations of Yoga Flow (New Series!)

March 23 - April 27th


$90 for series/ $20 Drop-in

Learn fundamental alignment, breath work, and modifications to core yoga poses while enjoying an engaging flow practice. Ever wondered if you were practicing a pose correctly, or how to modify it? Each week we highlight one core pose/breath practice to dig deep and help you gain insight. This series also includes energizing sun salutes, a variety of standing poses, long stretches, and final relaxation. Awareness will be brought to breath and intention throughout the practice. We'll end with a body scan to deeply relax. This class is suitable for all levels. Students should bring their own mats. Drop-in or sign up for the whole session. No refunds unless class is canceled by instructor.


Boho Blade Basics with Anela

Bohemian Blade workshop

March 25, 2023 1PM-3PM

Cost: $50

Register here:

Belladonna and the Boho Blade format have revolutionized how swords are used in bellydance by introducing a variety of grips, balances and transitional moves. This workshop will introduce the foundations of the Boho Blade approach to sword dancing. With a focus on technique as well as warm up and strength building exercises to help you move with power and precision safely. Take your sword dancing up a notch as you learn about planes, grips, held and balanced technique, seamless transitions and technical tricks. Perfect the balance between technique and entertainment and build skills, coordination, and confidence. Sword dancing improves strength, flexibility, mental clarity, focus and is a ton of fun!!

Dancers must provide their own bellydance appropriate sword (if you need to borrow a sword let us know - Anela has one available to borrow). No refunds unless the event is canceled.

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Inga Pearson
Inga Pearson
Mar 06, 2023

I'm going to be out of town for work most weeks from end of March to end of April. Is it OK to drop in on Sundays and/or Wednesdays or will that mess up the class flow?



Mar 06, 2023
Replying to

Hi Inga,

Drop-ins are welcome! Looking forward to seeing you!

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