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June Classes, Workshops, and Events

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To purchase a drop-in for any class, click this button! Drop-ins are $20.

Saturday Classes

Belly Dance Fundamentals

New Session: June 3rd - June 24, 11:00AM-12:00PM

$65 Session/$20 Drop-in

Always wanted to try belly dance? In this series learn belly dance from the ground up. Specifically designed for beginners, you’ll learn the fundamentals of this rich dance form. This session focuses on the the fundamental steps common in most fusion belly dance formats, isolations, shimmies, and how to play finger cymbals! This class starts with a cardio warm-up and stretching cool down. Drop-ins welcome. No refunds unless class is canceled by instructor.

Monday Classes - Online Only

Belly Dance Drills Online

June 12 - June 26, 2023

7:00PM-8:00PM via Zoom

$50 for 3 classes

$20 Drop-in

Register here:

Have fun in this upbeat dance class. Bring your skills to the next level! We'll start with a conditioning mat based warm-up, move into a shimmy drill, technique drills, high energy combinations, and finish with a yoga cool down. Learn belly dance technique, mechanics, and sequences to build skills. This class is good for all levels. No refunds unless class is canceled by instructor. Videos are included with purchase.

Wednesday Classes

June 7 - June 28, 2023 (4 week session)

$65 for one session/$115 for two sessions

$20 drop-in

Belly Dance Basics - 7:00-7:55PM

Join in on the fun and belly dance with us! Learn the fundamentals of classic belly dance style while enjoying an engaging movement experience. Each class you will be introduced to basic isolations, steps, and short combinations. Discussion of history and styles of belly dance will be referenced. This class is perfect for beginners or those wishing to refine their technique. Class starts with a cardio warm-up and ends with a yoga cool down. Wear comfortable clothes such as yoga pants and a t-shirt and bring a water bottle. No refunds unless session is canceled by instructor. Opportunities to make up missed classes will be available! Cash, check, or PayPal accepted.

Beyond Belly Dance Basics: 8:00-8:55PM

Moving beyond the basics, this session integrates steps, combinations, and belly dance props! You'll also be introduced to rhythms commonly used in belly dance. Have fun learning engaging and joyful dance combinations. This class is perfect for adventurous beginners as well as intermediate students. No refunds unless class is canceled by instructor.

Thursday Classes

Advanced Belly Dance

June 8 - June 29, 2023

6:30PM -7:30PM

$65 for series/$20 drop-in

This is an advanced belly dance class included complex drills, finger cymbals, advanced technique, and complex combinations. 3 Years progressive belly dance experience and permission from instructor is required. You may drop-in or purchase the full 4 week session. No refunds unless class is canceled by instructor.

Friday Classes

Belly Dance with Finger Cymbals in the Park

Fridays, 6:30PM in Highland Park

June 9 - June 23, 2023

$45 for 3 week session

Let's have fun dancing in the park! In this 3 week series. Learn fundamental finger cymbal patterns, belly dance rhythms, combinations, and dance together in a group! This class is accessible for all levels. Students may purchase the full series for $45 or drop-in for $18 (drop-ins are cash only). Make-up classes will be available in the case of bad weather. No refunds. Classes will be at Highland Park. We'll meet at the fountain at 6:15PM. I can't wait to dance with you!!!

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