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October Classes, Workshops, and Events!

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Sunday Classes

Belly Dance Fundamentals


$18 drop-in/4 week session $60 starting 10/9/2022

Belly Dance Fundamentals focuses on belly dance technique, learning new dance vocabulary, an introduction to finger cymbals, combinations, and musicality. Each class starts with a conditioning warm-up and ends with a yoga cool down. This is a mixed levels class. Can’t wait to dance with you!No refunds unless class is canceled by instructor. Drop-ins Welcome! Masks are required.

Fall Into Yoga!


$18 drop-in/4 week session $60 Starting 10/9/2022

Let's fall into yoga! Enjoy a gentle vinyasa flow style class. This series includes energizing sun salutes, a variety of standing poses, long stretches, breath work and relaxation. Awareness will be brought to breath and intention throughout the practice. We'll end with a body scan to deeply relax. This class is suitable for all levels. Students should bring their own mats. Masks are required at the studio. No refunds unless class is canceled by instructor. $60 for the series/$18 drop-in

Monday Classes

Belly Dance Fitness


Have fun in this upbeat dance fitness class. You'll bring your skills to the next level in this this class! We'll start with a conditioning mat based warm-up, move into a shimmy drill, high energy combinations, and finish with a yoga cool down. Learn belly dance technique, mechanics, and sequences to build skills. This class is good for all levels. No refunds unless class is canceled by instructor.

Tuesday Classes

Belly Dance Level 1: 7:00-7:50PM

Join in on the fun and belly dance with us! Learn the fundamentals of classic belly dance style while enjoying an engaging movement experience. Each class you will be introduced to basic isolations, steps, combinations, and short routines. Discussion of history and styles of belly dance will be referenced. This class is perfect for beginners or those wishing to refine their technique. Class starts with a cardio warm-up and ends with a yoga cool down. Wear comfortable clothes such as yoga pants and a t-shirt and bring a water bottle. No refunds unless session is canceled by instructor. Opportunities to make up missed classes will be available! Cash, check, or PayPal accepted. Class is taught by Sahra DeRoy.

Belly Dance Level 2: 8:00-8:50PM

Level 2 builds on material learned in previous classes. Students will learn more complex belly dance technique including Datura Style Belly Dance( Combinations will be drilled along with transitions, dance expression, and stagecraft. By the end of the session students will learn a mini routine. Class starts with a cardio warm-up and ends with a yoga cool down. 1 Year of belly dance classes is recommended. No refunds unless class is canceled by instructor.

Masks are required in the studio.

Cost is $60 for 1 session/$110 for both. Drop-ins are $18

Thursday Classes

Intermediate Fusion Belly Dance


(permission required)

In this class you'll learn this unique and beautiful fusion belly dance style. This class will include learning steps, cues, complex choreography and formations for group improvisation. This is an intermediate level class. 3 years consistent, progressive belly dance classes and permission from instructor are required for this course. No refunds unless class is canceled by instructor. Masks are required


Class passes may be mixed and matched for all classes (including special sessions). Students who purchase a session can make up missed classes. Passes must be used in the month of purchase. Make-up classes are not transferable and must be used within the same month. No refunds on class pass purchases. Prices and registration below:

Drop-in $18

4 Class Pass - $60

8 Class Pass - $110

12 Class Pass / 3 classes per week - $145

Unlimited Classes (monthly) - $180

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Inga Pearson
Inga Pearson
Oct 25, 2022

I see there are 2 classes on Sundays but at the same time. Is one class supposed to be a different time? Thanks!

Inga Pearson
Inga Pearson
Oct 26, 2022
Replying to

Awesome! Thanks!

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